8 Pointed Star Foundation Block Pattern

This 8 pointed star quilting block pattern can be made with expert precision by implementing the paper piecing foundation pattern that we present here.

Scraps can be used or you can use materials that we have suggested. Our suggested material amounts are an over-exaggeration, so if you make a mistake you always have more fabric to work with.

Our pattern makes a 6x6 inch quilting block with a 1/4 inch grace allowance.

This way you can make any size quilt you desire within 6 inch increments of your desired result.

Even if you've never used a paper piecing pattern before, we guide you through it in our directions.

Our directions will walk you through the whole process of using our pattern to make this beautiful quilting block.


Fabric in 2 different colors (1/4 yard each)

Printer paper
Sewing machine (optional)

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